Roaming | Europe

As many of you know, I just returned from Europe after a whole month. This was my first solo trip abroad, and to be frank, I have never experienced something so enthralling before in my life. I have to say, for someone who lives his whole life looking through the lens, I captured very little during my travels. This was a decision I made before I left in an attempt to live fully in the moment.

First stop, London.

The first, brief stop on my itinerary was the city of big clocks, hats, and ferris wheels; none other than London. Departing from Chicago and waking up in the UK nine hours later was an immediate first step on the right foot at adjusting to the local time. I still had every intention of crashing for a few hours when I landed, but how could I when I only had two days to explore? I hired a local driver to get me to my dreamy little studio Airbnb so I could get to the exploring part as soon as possible. I knew London would be crazy busy but I had no idea it would have as much of a tourism culture as it did. Regardless, I was able to knock out some of the cliches as well as explore like a local. I'll let the photos do the talking from here..

Next stop, Paris!

Soo yeah, Paris happened for ten days! I booked the most nostalgic little loft near the city center for the entirety of my stay. A true artist's getaway! Paris is incredibly rich in culture and history. From the gothic architecture to the endless museums at my disposal, there was never room for boredom. Oh and the food. Don't get me started on the food. If you know me, you'll know all too well that I am a chronic foodie. If there was the slightest chance of my running out of things to do, I hopped on instagram and Yelp to discover the trendy, most instagram-worthy spots to stuff my face. I was also lucky enough to land in a place where I knew some familiar faces! When I wasn't roaming the streets on my own or stuffing my face, you could find me running around and eating more with my friends Noa, Yanis, and Lydia.

I had such a great time discovering new places with old friends, and to see Paris as a local was priceless. While abroad I partnered with an amazing luggage company called Raden. I did some work for them in each city I went to and their product is one of my favorurites! You can find the assortment of my bag Here! Be prepared to see more of my face, some not my face, and some hella food ;)

Next stop, Mallorca!

A quick flight over France and Spain landed me in Palma De Mallorca of the Balearic Islands. Just minutes after stepping off the plane into the airport I knew I was in for some sweltering heat. It was nearly 105 degrees at 5pm.. Yikes. At this point I'm just really happy that my luggage has followed the same path as myself and I hire a driver to my beach club. I stayed at a local hotel and airbnb right on the water :') My everyday hangout was at Anima Beach Club, a rather glitzy fine dining and cocktail bar on the beachfront. I became good friends with the waitstaff and soon found myself copping some endless piña coladas hehe! What I loved most about staying in Palma was that it was so central in regards to the rest of the island, coast wise. The Palma Cathedral was so spectacular it hurt, and the endless streets of color, shopping, and cafes.. gahh!

I have also been so blessed with a little outreach on social media, and in announcing my arrival I was able to meet up with some amazing people who had been following me for quite some time. With them I was able to explore like a local and eat like a prince (the most important part obviously)! I had been in the Mediterranean before, however it was most spectacular in Mallorca; literally warm like bath water and crystal clear. Got my hands on a local's Vespa for a bit on my last evening and got to zoom around for a total of like 20 minutes.. Either way, I was definitely thriving in those 20 and got an aesthetic photo afterwards. Winning. That's Mallorca for ya!

Finally, Copenhagen.

I must say, after having such a time in Spain, you would think that packing up my short lived staycation in Mallorca would be nothing short of depressing. Not so much, because I knew I was off to my final and most anticipated city of the whole trip. So a few hours later I found myself on the most nostalgic flight up to touchdown. After clearing customs I practically ran to meet my favourite human, Stine, waiting for me at the end of the terminal. It didn't take long for my mind to go straight to the cuisine on the way home and I knew right away I needed to go to Sticks Sushi in Kogens Lyngby's city centre.

Cutting to the chase (no pun intended), Copenhagen still remains one of my favourite cities, from the cuisine, beautiful people, bike culture, water ways, minimalistic lifestyle, and overall landscape. We visited the zoo, the sea pools, cafes, and my all time favourite, Paper Island aka ENDLESS STREET FOOD from every corner of the earth. Have I mentioned I'm a lowkey foodie? Always pure nostalgia for me in CPH and I'm already eye balling my next visit.