Justin + Alexis

There's just something about an in-home session that makes my heart beat just a little faster. Last week a few really good friends of mine celebrated a big part of their lives together. Reciprocated love stories are such a beautiful thing, and these two have been together for SIX YEARS! I'm sorry what? Who? When even?

A few years ago when I was scouring Airbnb for a local getaway, I came across a beautiful little bungalow in downtown Muskegon and put it in my back pocket for a later date. This was it. I knew this was the place for them, and man did the creativity flow. Being in such a perfectly imperfect environment really set the tone for the laid back, lived-in feel we were going for. These are truly my favourite sessions because I get to play the fly on the wall role while the other love bugs just do their thing and dance to Fleetwood Mac at their own will. Authentic expressions and giggles are always a crowd pleaser and make for the best shots. Lifestyle should be shot accordingly; I want to catch your morning routine jumping on the bed, cooking a meal, or cracking open a bottle of bubbly. So we did just that.

Afterwards we went to my favourite pizzeria, Fricano's, and stuffed our faces to chase it down with ice cream after. Later we queued up some comedies and watched into the night. What a life, to do what Iove, with people that I love (who also happen to be in love).

Here are a few highlights from our day together:

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