You Are More Than Paper.

September 2014––i am sitting in college writing in high school, racking my brain for words for an admissions essay. same story as everyone, A) it was a forced assignment, B) it's the thing to do right?? at the time, i was already concurrently full time in school and college, because it's the thing to do right?? now fast forward another year, i'm graduated, working full time, relentlessly wrapping up my first degree. it was the thing to do right¿ fast forward another four months. i'm enrolled for one of my final semesters of college in the spring, and i was ready to tackle the next step and either continue even more college and jump into the monotonous flow of a life long job and steady benefits, paycheck, security, etc.. you know what i was? i was dedicated, disciplined, and eager to continue. you know what i wasn't? happy.

you could say i'm your local delinquent drop out.

yeah i get it, most college kids aren't happy with their current studies and working full time, but i was immensely unhappy. you know what's bullshit? the idea that we are tested on our ability to remember answers for a standardized test and not our intelligence. and these numbers are somehow supposed to determine our future and which university we can attend. you know what isn't bullshit? being intensely, genuinely, happy.

and that's what i am.

now let me set one thing straight, i am in no way bashing the educational system and those who choose to take advantage of it. but let me also say this; our society is full of it. some of our parents are full it, hell so are the teachers we look up to. this mainstream idea that high school seniors need to have their entire lives figured out to a T is ridiculously stressful and completely overbearing. why are we not raising our generation to, yes be successful, but most of all be happy? some kids have it figured out. some kids know for a fact which university they want to go. some kids just know what the hell they want to do for the rest of their lives, and know genuinely in their heart it will fulfill their human need of happiness. good for them. but most have no clue, and God knows i sure didn't. then there are the kids that don't have it figured out but decide on a major and jump right into schooling anyway, because that's the thing to do right? more than likely they would have to take out student loans to pay for their bullshit classes just to find themselves a year into it and realise it really wasn't for them and really didn't make them happy. then what do they do? come home and embark on a premature mid-life crisis, beating themselves up thinking they should have life figured out.

okay, now lets say you finish your degree and you finally get your piece of paper stating that you did in fact withstand years of homework, junk food, weird roommates, and zero sleep. now you’re guaranteed a job, right? haha, nah. now you have to start an entirely new journey searching for the one employer ready to hire a fresh graduate, who no doubt is obviously an expert in the field. yeah, good luck. but actually, i wish you luck because you'll probably need it.

now can we take a moment to talk about those with on-the-job experience and skills learned through trade. underrated. that is all. college isn't for everyone, and that’s perfectly okay, but can we please destroy this façade that you will not be successful without first drowning in debt and making premature decisions based on majors and minors. these things do not define us. you are not your roommate that randomly decides to pee on the floor. you are not those hungover exam scores. what does this mean anyway? that you were dedicated just enough to bullshit your way through a few classes? employers: that piece of paper does not mean that candidate is responsible. it does not mean they know what the hell they're doing. it does not mean they have a passion for it and are willing to give it their complete everything, to be the best secretary, or to be the best biomedical engineer they can be. it does not mean they will be satisfied and want to stay with your company for their entire life. it does not mean they won’t have higher aspirations for themselves. again, you do not need to know what you want to do in this life, let it happen and make an educated decision based on happiness. not salary.


you are a human defined by paper with the innate need to be happy. you are an individual who deserves more than this world is prepared to give to you.


delinquent drop out.