Hey! I’m Chase Loreto, a lover of genuine connection, my family, travel, the ocean, and random night drives. I'm an adventurer, nature lover, camera enthusiast (obviously), and a lowkey coffee addict.  Music is my favourite thing, and I'm slightly obsessed with Fleetwood Mac and Ben Howard.. Just let it happen ;)


Having finished my schooling and my recent globe-trotting, I am currently chasing good light and even better dreams.  This site merely serves as a creative space where my life, my travel, and work overlap.  What can I say?  I’m a visual storyteller with a passion to share it!  Art for me began as a casual hobby and quickly became a passionate pursuit. 

When I'm not behind my camera or a computer screen, you can find me in the nearest coffee shop getting

completely jacked on caffeine and good conversation.  When not in a cafe, I am most likely at the beach or eating

(or eating at the beach). I tend to make friends with everyone and I'll probably cover everything from your

career to your biggest childhood embarrassments.  

After shooting landscapes for a while I decided to turn to portraits. Working with people is so cool, and to capture the unfiltered connection, creativity, personality, and beauty is even cooler.  I want to get to know you, be your friend, get messy, capture the happily unplanned and the beautifully unexpected, eat good food, and play with your dog. I want our time together to be simply about making a genuine friendship and running with it.

See some of my past client collaborations here.

Cheers,,Chase Loreto